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A loan can often help businesses improve their cash flow, pay the bills, purchase equipment and stock or consolidate existing debt. But finding the right business loan can be difficult, costly and time consuming. At A+ Funding, we'll help you through the process and get the finance you need without all the hassle.

Benefit from the right business loan

Choosing the right loan that will benefit both you and your business is harder than it seems. Loans can vary in their repayment structures, interest rates, amount of fees payable and the needs they satisfy.

Here's some things to consider:

  • If you're in a partnership, your debts are likely to be in a single loan. That means you're liable for your business partner's share of the loan as well as your own. Where possible, we work to have the bank separate the loans so you're not financially at risk.
  • Business owners with a number of employees often need specialist funding to help with cash flow, equipment leasing and invoice receivables. We offer free advice and can secure the right loan for your business.
  • Specialist finance is available for self-employed tradesmen, consultants & contractors, you just need to know how to talk to the banks. Because we know your business, we can suggest suitable loan options and then negotiate with lenders on your behalf.
  • Consolidating multiple debts into one loan can make them easier to manage and will potentially reduce your loan repayments. However, some lenders limit the amount or types of loans you can consolidate, or may restrict the maximum “Loan to Value” ratio they will allow.
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We’re different to most lenders. With more than 25 years experience in specialist loans, subprime loans and second chance finance, we can find and secure the right funding solution - no matter what your circumstances may be.

So whether you have limited financial security, a bad credit rating, the occassional mortgage arrears or a tax debt, we can help you get access to funds, fast.

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Roger Castle

Roger Castle spent many years working as a lender in one of the "big four" banks, and having owned multiple businesses himself, it was clear that business owners were struggling to find people with the skill and commitment necessary to provide the level of service they need and expect.

Roger has since been a successful finance broker in Perth for over 18 years, during which time he has continued to develop a wide network of contacts within the big four banks as well as other, more dynamic and diversified lenders.

He is committed to achieving sustainable outcomes for both clients and lenders, which is demonstrated by the many long term relationships he maintains today.

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